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In the digital age, computers perform all of our tasks. In so many aspects of our lives, including personal interests and professions, computers are doing all the work for us. Computers predict storm patterns, earthquake reactions are modelled electronically, and drones that are computer-flown can provide high-definition, real-time images of anywhere on the planet. In the analog era, scientists were sent to the unknown territories to conduct scientific research in order to better understand the world. In the analogue age, communication and timekeeping were done using analog signals. The wristwatch was the perfect tool for the early to mid-20th century explorers. The teams that explored extreme climates or locations were concerned about their safety when it came to precise timekeeping. These expeditions provided the perfect opportunity for watches brands to test products to their physical and climatic limits.

Hans Wilsdorf saw the opportunity to fund expeditions that would test his watches, and also take advantage of the marketing opportunities. He was confident his watches would not only survive the conditions but also work perfectly. I wrote extensively on the Rolex Explorer and pre-Explorer timepieces that were worn during the historic Everest ascents. The article can be read here.

The Richard Mille Replica Watches Oyster, the younger brother in the Wilsdorf clan, is the subject of this time's focus.

Richard Mille Replica Watches Oysters from the 1950s have always fascinated me, especially with their vast range of dial variations and references. Richard Mille Replica Watches Oysters were first sold in 1946 with manual-winding movements. In 1952, the Oyster Prince was introduced - Prince indicating an automatic movement. It is the equivalent to the Rolex Perpetual. Early watches had what collectors call monoblock construction, or monoblocco (in Italian), where the bezel and mid-case are one piece of steel. Oyster cases are waterproof watches with a screw-down crown, screwed-on caseback, and pressure-fitted glass. These watches are ruggedly constructed and were designed to be worn on all kinds of rugged occasions. This was highlighted by early Richard Mille Replica Watches Oyster advertisements featuring motorbike racers, construction workers and polar explorers. The watches were put to the ultimate test on an expedition in Greenland.

Richard Mille Replica Watches Oyster Prince ref. The Richard Mille Replica Watches Museum now owns 7809, which was issued to Roy Homard.

Royal Ascent

The British North Greenland Expedition, 1952-54 (BNGE), was headed by Commander James Simpson. It was commissioned by Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II to research and survey the icecap. The expedition was made up of 30 men over two years, including representatives from the military and different scientific fields, such as geology,Fake Richard Mille meteorology glaciology and physiology. The expedition was not only a research project, but also a chance to train military personnel in Arctic conditions. The expedition was almost exclusively carried out by British forces, although the Danish Army provided a captain and an army surveyor who tragically died in the 1953 mission. Denmark claimed Greenland in 1380 but the Kingdom of Denmark officially adopted the island in 53 - in the middle of BNGE. Denmark would have had a lot going on at the time, so it is likely that a Danish representative was a diplomatic requirement.

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