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Since 2004, I have attended the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens every year. It is widely regarded as the most important event on the World Rugby Sevens Series Calendar. Unfortunately, this year I missed the event. When I was asked to join Omega Replica Watches for the Rugby World Cup Sevens, in San Francisco with a loaned watch, I couldn't say no.

A Omega Replica Watches representative gave me a Omega Replica Watches, which I recognized immediately from its matte red and blue "Pepsi", 24-hour graduated rotating bezel. It was arguably the most popular watch of Baselworld 2018!

The red GMT hand, which is Omega Replica Watches's trademark snowflake pattern, allows me to set my reference timezone as Hong Kong. The local jumping hour feature allows me to adjust the time and date in the watch using one-hour increments. The 15-hour time difference between San Francisco, California and Hong Kong allowed me to check at a glance that I was not texting at ungodly hours.

It was then time to see what we would call home for the next two days: AT&T Park. This is the famous baseball stadium where the San Francisco Giants play along the San Francisco Bay. The stadium is famous for its "Splash Hit" home runs, which occur when a Giants' player hits a ball that falls into the bay.Tudor Replica Fans in kayaks then retrieve the lost ball.

AT&T Park. Photo Credit: Rhodria Williams, World Rugby.

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 was the first international rugby world cup to be held on American soil. Rugby is still developing in the United States, as its transatlantic cousin American football is a dominant force. In a game that does not allow forward passes (which is a major part of American football), words such as "yards" and "touchdowns" were substituted with "tries" and "meters". The game must have been unfamiliar to American audiences, but the fact that it was played in one of the most picturesque baseball stadiums helped ease the transition.

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